In the following chapter we would like to show you some of the company’s milestones. Steps and decisions that have brought us closer to our aim of becoming a suitable partner in the metal finishing sector.


2019   Hard-/Software-Update of the nickel chrome plant
2018   Implementation of a block-unit heating power plant
2017   95 years geheof HATTLER - always up to date -      

Acquisition of an electric forklift.
Modernisation of our cooling system with environment friendly refrigerant and recirculation of heat

2016   Thermal insulation of our company-building completed, new windows included. Construction of a new parking lot and a new vehicle hall.
2015   Start-up of a new production line
2014   Yard modernisation for environment reasons such as reduction of heat losses and noise emission
2013   Installation of a research facility
2012   Implementation of a chrome-(VI)-free - Passivation
2011   Decorate with the „Hoppenstedt Credit Check Top Rating - Zertifikat“.

Reduction of the pollutant emission: change to 100 % CO2-free hydroelecrtic power (purchased electricity)

2008   Conversion of the head-office building.
2007   IT changeover to a new Enterprise Resource Planning System (ERP), which supports the company’s internal processes and improves communication with the customer.
2006   Refurbishment of the dangerous materials storage area and improving our collection and delivery service.
2004   Installation of new controls for the centrifugal barrel equipment and introduction of an Environmental Management System (EMS) according to ISO 14001.
2002   Re-tiling the roof including additional roof isolation, which resulted in a reduction of 29 per cent in the fuel bill from 2001 to 2003.
2001   Introduction of a second, independent waste-water treatment facility.
1997   Introduction of the Environmental Management System (EMS) according to Eco Management and Audit Scheme (EMAS).
1996   Introduction of the Quality Management System according to ISO 9002.
1995   Establishment of branch factory HATTLER Metallveredelung GmbH in Villingen.
1986   Kurt Hattler junior becomes managing director and renames the company HATTLER & Sohn GmbH.
1973   Kurt Hattler senior becomes managing director.
1961   Extension of the production unit, which results in a considerable increase in the range of galvanisation processes offered.
1947   Available surface treatments are limited to pickling and polishing processes because of the local dominance of the clock and watch making industry.
1922   Foundation of the company Philip Hattler – Galvanische Anstalt in Schwenningen.
„Up to date“ - the main production facility in 2009„Up to date“ - the main production facility in 2009 all hours: we`re here for you around the all hours: we`re here for you around the clock
Small but efficient: the main production facility in 1954Small but efficient: the main production facility in 1954



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